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Friday 9:00AM  March 11 - Sunday 4:00PM March 13, 2022

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Hyatt Regency, Princeton, NJ

Join JewQ Finalists and Tzivos Hashem Members from Hebrew Schools around the world for an exclusive weekend experience!

102 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ 08540

Registration is currently closed.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Shabbaton faq


Program begins:  Friday, March 11, at 9:00 AM

Program ends: Sunday, March 13,  at 4:00PM

Early check-in is available starting Thursday at 5:00 PM for an additional fee of $150 per family and includes dinner and an extra night in the hotel. 


Bus schedule:

A complementary CKids bus will travel to and from Crown Heights. The pickup and dropoff point is 792 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11213.
Departing Crown Heights: Friday, March 11 at 7:00 AM 

Returning to Crown Heights:  Sunday, March 13 at 7:00 PM 


Shabbaton Highlights

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Kids will experience an unforgettable weekend full of exciting performances, thrilling trips, action-packed activities, beautiful Shabbat meals, new friendships, and memories to last a lifetime. Get ready for a weekend of fun, inspiration, and Jewish pride. It will be an experience like no other.

Highlights include:

  • Visit to the Rebbe’s Ohel

  • International Torah Championship

  • Tzivos Hashem feature

  • Exciting trip to the famous American Dream mall

  • ​Meeting new friends from around the world

  • Top-notch entertainers

  • Musical Havdalah ceremony


parent program

The CKids Shabbaton offers an exciting and meaningful parent’s program to entertain the adults and chaperones throughout the weekend. The program will run simultaneously with the Shabbaton program, and will end in time for you to pick up your child.

Some of the highlights include:

  • World renowned speakers

  • Musical entertainment

  • Meaningful Shabbat experience

  • Parent-focused workshops

  • Havdalah ceremony

  • Visit to the Rebbe’s Ohel

  • International Torah JewQ Championship


tzivos hashem feature

Wear your badge with pride and celebrate your achievements! Tzivos Hashem members will lead Shabbaton participants in a unique celebratory experience. Highest-ranking members will shine in the spotlight as onlookers applaud all the mitzvah missions soldiers have accomplished.

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JewQ Champions from around the world will receive a medal on stage, with top champions competing in a suspenseful live gameshow!
Are you ready to be a star!

jewq championship

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The International
Torah Championship

The Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ.
Sunday | March 13 | 2022

Come watch the show in person!

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